Thermosetting ink for flexible substrate

Thermosetting ink for FPC substrate

Thermosetting printing type ink for FPC.
It is used as undercoat and overcoat for FPC circuit.
It can maintain high reliability since it has excellent electric insulation.

Products Outline Color Fire retardancy Viscosity
(at 25℃)
Curing Condition
CR-18CL-CK 2 conponent type,
Thick film coating is possible
Black 40-100 dPa・s
FR-181CL 2 component type,
Fire retardant version of CR-18CL-CK
Black Equivalent to
VTM-0 (UL94)
50-150 dPa・s
CR-62B 1 component type,
High flexibility
Blue Equivalent to
VTM-2 (UL94)
195-245 dPa・s

※ There are some color variations.


Thermosetting ink for LED applicaiton

This product is a thermosetting, printing type ink developed for LED application.
Cured film has high reflectance and low yellowing.
Cured film has excellent flexibility even after reflow process.

Products Outline Color Reflectance ratio Fire retadancy Viscosity
(at 25℃)
Curing Condition
HRP-006-1 2 component type,
Excellent flexibility
white 86%
(Wave length:
Equivalent to
VTM-0 (UL94)
60-100 dPa・s



Insulation ink for elastic substrate

For wearable and stretchable electronics applications.

Products Outline Color Max. stretch ratio
at forming
(at 25℃)
Curing condition
CR-120T 1 component type,
Thermal dry type
Milky white 100% 300-500 dPa・s 100℃ x 30min