Strippable masking material for touch panel

Masking material for protection of glass surface and ITO surface

This product is a coating material for temporary protection of ITO (Film & Glass) for touch screens.
It prevents dust and damage during transports, and can be stripped off by hand during work process.

Products Outline Color Viscosity
(at 25℃)
Curing condition Stripping method
#503F(EX)P Vinyl-Chloride series,
Low residue during stripping
Blue 250-450 dPa・s 130℃ x 10min By hand
#626B-5P Acrylic resin,
Blue 600-1000 dPa・s 150℃ x 10min By hand
#381□-17 Phthalate-free, Halogen-free,
PVC-substituted design
T: Milky white
B: Blue
500-700 dPa・s 130℃ x 10min By hand
#UV-345T UV curing type, Low odor,
Milky white 150-250 dPa・s 1000 mJ/cm2 By hand
#WWS-2T Hot dry type, Water soluble type,
High heat resistance
Miky white 500-700 dPa・s 100℃ x 30min By water wash
(Dip / Shower)

※Please use in original viscosity. There is no specified thinner.