Adhensives & Conductive adhesive

Thermosetting adhesive for chip component

These products are one-component type, thermosetting epoxy adhesives designed to temporarily fix chip components on PWB.
They have been used for a long time, especially in the domestic market.

Products Outline Color Adhesive strength Soldering resistance
(at 260℃)
Curing condition
SA-33P-2 1 component type,
For dispenser,
High adhesion
Red ≧ 50N ≧ 15sec 130℃×60sec
SA-350 1 component type,
Red ≧ 40N ≧ 10sec 130℃×60sec
SA-500M-1 1 component type,
Low temperature curing
Red ≧ 40N ≧ 10sec 95℃×60 sec


Conductive adhesive

Adhesive that is electrically-conductive. It is used domestically and overseas as replacement for solder joint.

Products Outline Adhesive strength Viscosity
(at 25℃)
Curing condition
LS-109 1 component type,
≧3kgf 500-900 dPa・s 150℃ x 10min