Company History


Aug.1967 Established Asahi Chemical Research Laboratory Co., Ltd. at Akatsuki-cho, Hachioji-city, Tokyo with a capital of 1.2 million yen.
Oct.1970 Constructed new company premises in Suwa-cho, Hachioji-city, Tokyo.
Apr.1976 Increased capital to 33 million yen.
Apr.1976 Licensed technology for processing materials for printed circuit boards to Yann Hsing industrial corp. (Taiwan) and started local sales.
Jan.1977 Corresponded to increased sales of automatic soldering equipment and peripheral equipment.
Established equipment department as head office new division.
Oct.1983 Established “Utsuki office” due to business expansion.
Transferred production of flux, adhesives and insulation ink to Utsuki factory, and created a 2-factory system.
Jan.1990 Started trade business at Utsuki office.
Jan.1990 Provided technical guidance to Yann Hsing industrial corp. (Taiwan) and started local production of liquid photo solder resist.
Aug.1993 Released solderable conductive copper paste
Mar.1997 Provided flux technology to a local subsidiary in the Philippines and started local production.
Aug.1997 30th anniversary of the founding (Commemorative lecture was held.)
Apr.2000 Established a local production factory in Malaysia.
Oct.2000 Established a sales office in Singapore.
Aug.2002 Established Asahi Euro Oy in Pori city, Finland.
Apr.2003 Established Hong Kong sales office “Asahi Chemical Trading Ltd.”
Oct.2004 Obtained ISO-9001 approval (Utsuki office) ISO-9001 JQA-QMA11714 Utsuki office.
Feb.2006 Increased capital to 100 million yen.
May.2006 Established Gifu sales office in Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture.
Aug.2007 40th anniversary of the founding
Nov.2007 40th anniversary of the founding (Commemorative lecture was held.)
Feb.2012 Developed and started sales of highly transparent resist ink.
Sep.2012 Introduced privately owned electrical power facilities.
Dec.2014 Completely switched to highly safe cleaning agents.
Jan.2015 Developed nano silver paste.
Sep.2016 Updated to ISO-9001 2015 version.
Jun.2017 Made Asahi Chemical Research Lab (M) Sdn. Bhd. a subsidiary.
Feb.2018 Introduced the latest heat cycle testing machine.