The Efforts of Environment and Quality

We will meet the expectations requested by customers,
aim to provide products that can earn reassurance and trust,
and we will strive to create products with sincerity and continually improve the effectiveness of
our quality management system.

The Efforts of Environment and Quality

Reassurance of Asahi Chemical Research Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Our company based in Hachioji, rich in nature, targeting from those that directly affect such as exhaust gas, drainage, waste to those latent in products etc. that indirectly affect, promote the environmentally friendly product development, make effective use of resources (paper and cardboard), promote energy saving (electricity and fuel), promote reduction and recycling of waste (paper, plastics, metal cans, organic solvents, etc.), properly manage chemical substances (environmentally harmful substances), promote the factory greening etc., and we continue our corporate efforts toward a future society in which people and the environment are in harmony.

ISO9001 certification

Utsuki office, as an ISO9001 certified registered office, improve our quality management system continuously, and build a management system aimed at improving quality and productivity, and implement the internal awareness reforms.
We have expanded our network not only in Japan but also overseas, and have set up licensed factories in Malaysia, China and the Philippines, and have established global networks in Southeast Asia and Europe. As a top chemical company of electronic materials, we will strive to improve quality and meet the expectations of our customers to gain reassurance and trust.