Greetings From The President

Today the development of the electronics industry is remarkable. From satellite-based communications, broadcast systems, traffic control systems, or factory and office automation to a wall-mounted TVs at home, there has been breakthrough of “impossible” and “dreams” of the past, and the whole new world will about to be extended.
Electronics materials and applied materials is supporting these electronics industries and powering their technological advances.

Electronic materials and applied technologies are “crystals” of integrate technologies of such as chemistry, physics, electricity, and machinery, and they are “parent crystal” of  “Lightness, Thinness, Shortness and Smallness” High density and High reliability ,” “Low cost”, which is required in recent electronics equipment.

Since our founding, we believe that new materials and new processes are required for precise and higher-performance circuit configurations, and we have consistently dedicated ourselves to research and development of electronic materials used for printed circuit boards.

In developing future electronic materials and applied technologies, we have jointly conducted research on the physical properties of raw materials with universities in order to theoretically start from the basics and try out new ideas and exchange information with users. We will continue to open up a new era of electronics materials with a pioneering spirit so we sincerely ask for your further support and guidance.


President  Akihiro Iwasa