Soldering Flux

Our Speedy flux is an assortment of products that can be used for various kinds of applications for wide variety of soldering processes. 

Products Outline Specific Gravity
(at 20℃)
Solid Content
Halide Content
AGF-880 Flux for general use. 0.821 15.0 0.09
AGF-880B Excellent through-hole filling and
reduced solder-bridging at connector.
0.826 16.0 0.09
AGF-550BK Light colored flux, so appearance of
flux residue is good. Tack-free.
0.813 9.0 0.05
ANF-20-116 Low-residue flux for use in nitrogen
atmosphere wave soldering machines.
0.802 6.0 0.04
NH-120KM High-reliability flux that contains non-halide
activator and light colored rosin.
0.803 6.0 0.00
AHQ-3100K Synthetic resin-based,
ultra-low residue high reliability flux.
0.796 3.1 0.00