Photo solder resist ink for Flexible substrate

Alkaline-developable photo solder resist ink for FPC substrate

Good adhesion to FPC and high flexibility.

Products Outline Color Fire retardancy UV expose
Curing condition
DPR-60FW 2 component type,
White 1000-1500 100-200 dPa・s 150℃×30min
DPR-75FCV-7 2 component type,
For FPC, Low exposure,
High resolution
Black Equivalant to
VTM-0 (UL94)
100 130-150 dPa・s 150℃×60min
DPR-700FG-1# 2 component type,
High fire retardancy
Green Equivalant to
VTM-0 (UL94)
500-1000 100-200 dPa・s 150℃×60min