Environment & Quality

Company based in Hachioji, rich nature, intended to impact on the potential to indirectlyaffect other products directly from the waste gas, wastewater and exhaust,environmentally friendly Promotion of product development, effective use of (paper and cardboard) resources, the promotion of fuel (electricity) energy saving, promotion ofwaste reduction and recycling (such as organic solvents, metal cans, plastic Louis paper),chemical the company continues to strive towards the future society to promote the proper management of (environmentally hazardous substances), as well as the greening plants,humans and the environment were in harmony.

ISO9001 certification

Utsugi is in office, building management system registered establishments certified asISO9001, aimed at continuous improvement of the quality management system, to improve quality and productivity, has been positioned as the leader of the reform ofcorporate consciousness.

Asahi is spreading its network both within Japan and overseas. It has set up sales offices and factories in Hong Kong, Finland, Malaysia and Singapore; sales agencies in South Korea, Taiwan and the United States; and licensed factories in China, the Philippines.
Asahi is aiming to be the world’s leading chemical company.

 Malaysia Asahi Chemical Research Lab(M) Sdn.Bhd.
EURO Ama-Prom Oy

The quality policy of our company

We will meet our customers’ expectations, seek to supply products which can earn safety and reliability,
try to manufacture products from our heart and continually improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System.


Insulating Paste

  • Heat Curing Solder resist for FPC
  • Heat Curing Solder resist for FPC
  • photo-solder-resist-for-fpc
  • Photo solder Resist for FPC

Conductive Paste

  • PTF Conductive Paste
  • Copper Paste
  • PTF Resistor Paste

Strippable Mask

  • Strip Mask for ITO
  • Heat-resistant Mask


  • Soldering Flux


  • Adhensives&Conductive adhesive


  • Etching Resist
  • Via-Plugging Paste

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