Conductive Paste

Carbon Paste / Copper Paste

Polymer type carbon conductive paste

Thermosetting resin is used as binder with carbon / graphite powder

For key contact/cross over circuit
Products Resistivity (20μm) Viscosity (at25℃) Curing condition
TU-10S ≦ 15.0Ω 300~500dPa・s 150℃×30min
For key contact/cross over circuit (FPC)
Products Resistivity (20μm) Viscosity (at25℃) Curing condition
FTU-16R ≦ 20.0Ω 300~500dPa・s 150℃×30min

ACP(Asahi Copper Paste) -series conductive paste

This paste is copper conductive paste which dispersed conductive powder to a epoxy resin uniformly.

Silver・Copper Paste

This paste is silver and copper conductive paste which dispersed conductive
powder to a epoxy resin uniformly. The cured film has excellent adhesion to the PET and ITO film.

Products (Line / Space) Resistivity (10μm) Viscosity (at25℃) Curing condition
ACP-2100AX 100 / 100μm ≦ 50mΩ 250~550dPa・s 130℃×30min
Copper Paste

Good conductive to jumper/cross over circuit

Products (Line / Space) Resistivity (20μm) Viscosity (at25℃) Curing condition
ACP-100 300 / 300 μm ≦ 80mΩ 300~500dPa・s 150℃×30min


Insulating Paste

  • Heat Curing Solder resist for FPC
  • Heat Curing Solder resist for FPC
  • photo-solder-resist-for-fpc
  • Photo solder Resist for FPC

Conductive Paste

  • PTF Conductive Paste
  • Copper Paste
  • PTF Resistor Paste

Strippable Mask

  • Strip Mask for ITO
  • Heat-resistant Mask


  • Soldering Flux


  • Adhensives&Conductive adhesive


  • Etching Resist
  • Via-Plugging Paste

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